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Fast Browser Cleaner 1.0

Cleans all the Internet traces and unwanted add-ons to preserve your privacy
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Cookies, history, and all kinds of temporary files, while accumulating unnecessary garbage on your hard drive, may become a threat to your privacy. Fast Browser Cleaner has been designed to clean all those redundant files and protect your browsers from unwanted toolbars and those unrequested settings changes that some adware programs make to alter your home page, tab page, or your preferred search engine.

This cleaning tool knows where to find all those traces that Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera accumulate with or without your knowledge apparently to “improve your navigation experience”. Actually, many of those temporary files may end up clogging up your system and slowing down not only your Internet browsing speed but also your system operations. Fast Browser Cleaner scans your browsers’ directories in search of all cookies, add-ons, credit card information, search engines, passwords, temporary files, and even unprotected passwords that may compromise your privacy and security. It lists them all for you to choose which to remove and which to keep, though unless you’re savvy enough to interpret the names of all those garbage files, it is advisable to perform a full clean-up of all the items on the list just to be on the safe side.

This new version of the program can also easily detect any malicious attempt from the most popular adware programs to install unrequested toolbars or simply link your browsers to uncalled-for web pages and search engines for their own profit. MyStartSearch, Wazam, Health Alert, RelevantKnowledge, SweetIM, Babylon, Games Desktop, and most Conduit toolbars are immediately spotted and blocked by the program. The “Change Settings” tab will give you the opportunity of telling the program which home page, tab settings, and default search engine you want to use with each of the browsers installed on your computer. Thus, every time a malicious program tries to alter your preferences to its advantage, Fast Browser Cleaner will make sure that your settings prevail.

Once your system has been cleared of all unnecessary and temporary files, the program will keep on working in the background, making sure that no new garbage files pile up on your system drives again and that your browsers’ settings are fully protected. Fast Browser Cleaner will surely help you regain wasted disk space and improve your browsing experience in a simple, silent, and effective way.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Neatly structured interface
  • Full clean-up of all Internet traces and unwanted add-ons
  • Allows for manual removal of unwanted items


  • Note that the latest software version is acquired from the app's interface for the moment
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